Tyson Adams

Meeting Dominique was one of the most profound experiences and important people that I met on my journey… Her Heart Listening literally changed the trajectory of my life.


It’s just really been this amazing experience of really listening to myself and understanding what it is that I want….

Yoga Centre

It was very inspiring and heart connecting, and what we did come up with was a result that would not have been possible having a conversation round a table.

Kate Chapman

I fortunately got to experience one of the Heart Listening Sessions and to be honest, I felt it to be one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had…


Dominique is a special woman, full of love. I always look for people who inspire me, who help me to shine brighter, and connect more deeply to myself. Dominique supports me in this. So grateful for sharing this lifetime on earth with her.



Heart Listening was something I have not experienced before. I’ve done lots of therapy work. I didn’t actually realise I needed a Heart Listening session until I had one and I realised my heart is actually frozen over during the passing of the years and the nature of existence. So it was wonderful reconnecting with my heart space and almost waking it up.
And I thought it was quite interesting how that then leads on to my blockage, and creative energies not being able to be fully realised, because my heart was actually frozen over.
So it’s quite interesting reconnecting with that side of my creative practice. I feel like I can express myself fully now, rather than just conceptually, from the head.



I was very resistant to looking at this issue (about whether or not to put my flat on the market) as I’d been in an agony of indecision about it for a few months. Basically I didn’t want to get an answer from my heart in case it was a yes to the path that felt riskier and would require more work.

So I didn’t appear to be getting much insight at all during the session, although I could feel the transmission/healing part having a positive effect. But even an hour or two later I could feel a difference, as if a weight had been lifted. It was clear that the guidance was indeed a ‘yes’ to going ahead with the riskier path. But now it felt like an easy and flowing path to follow, and I felt like I had the energy for it, something that had been distinctly lacking before.

In addition, and perhaps even more crucially, it felt as if this session healed a layer of lethargy, and an aversion to risk, a desire to take the safe route, that has been a big part of my make up all my life. Underneath the lethargy was a more fiery empowered energy that was more comfortable with risk and spontaneity. I feel more trusting now that life will support me.

Two months on and the path I was so resistant to before the heart listening has remained flowing. I’ve just put my flat on the market, and it’s been remarkably easy to take the steps that made this possible. Thank you Dominique!