Skylar Liberty Rose

Skylar Liberty Rose is nothing if not a woman who fiercely lives her truth and follows her heart. It took her from the UK to New York City to marry her beloved, her best friend and creative soul mate. She empowered herself to let go of security and get her message out into the world, a powerful and inspiring affirmation of all that we are and can be.

I asked Skylar to contribute to Big Heart Ideas because she exemplifies the beauty and authenticity you find when we listen to our hearts and act on that guidance.

Q:What’s your Big Heart Idea?

A: As a writer, my Big Heart Idea is to provide tools for women to lovingly accept themselves,
reclaim their power and take steps to live a life that they truly love.

I’m intent on creating conversations that are instrumental in forming a global sisterhood of support that sees
women thrive rather than merely survive.

Q: How did it come about?

A: I was raised to believe that playing small was an asset. Big dreams were simply a sign of a
big head. Creativity was not encouraged – conformity was.     

I spent years suppressing my desires because I didn’t believe that I was good enough or worthy enough to create the life I wanted. 

After many years of dealing with depression, anxiety, bulimia and low self esteem, I turned to writing as a way of processing my thoughts and feelings. I soon realised that by using creativity as a way of channeling my emotions, I was able to release self doubt and limiting beliefs.

I discovered that the more I ventured along the path that felt right for me (as opposed to the trail that others told me to tread) the more empowered I felt. 

My writing was first born into a blog on my website with a handful of followers. I began to get noticed by other publications and I started to get a following. I noticed that the more honest I was about my own struggles, the more messages I received from other women who were able to resonate with my words.

It became clear to me that I hadn’t been alone in my fog of feeling inadequate – there were thousands of us stumbling around trying to find our way, all the while desperately trying to deflect the soul destroying messages from a world that kept telling us that we weren’t worthy. That we weren’t rich enough or thin enough or important enough. 

My own fog had lifted but I wasn’t about to leave everyone else in the mist of misery. I became an ambassador for self acceptance and an empowerment warrior for women. 

Q: If you tune into your heart and ask it, what is your Big Heart Idea’s gift to the world?

A: My heart tells me that when women lovingly accept themselves, we raise the worlds vibration. By living empowered lives, we reduce fear, promote love and set the stage for a more caring and compassionate world in which everyone can flourish.

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