Kavi Jezzie Hockaday is a musician, a writer, a health coach, and consciousness explorer. Here he talks about a branch of his being that emerged as he followed his heart: a passion for poetic photography.

Q-What’s your Big Heart idea?

My Big Heart Idea is an expression of creativity in the form of photography. My name is Kavi and Kavi is Sanskrit for Poet or Poetic nature, and my photography brings together spirituality, and taking and showing photos. It is a meeting place of awareness, love, spirituality and the medium of the visual image.

Q-How did it come about?

It came as a complete shock to find I am actually good at it! I wanted a decent camera for a while, and when I got one and started taking pics and processing them I got very excited. I fell in love with the whole process. I just love going out at dawn when there is no one else around, and the world hasn’t jumped into action. There is a peace, and a silence and a beauty. It is like meditation, and it’s so refreshing. I tune in to awareness and consciousness and just let myself be drawn to whatever looks or feels right. I like to think the person who is viewing the picture is looking at the image but also looking through my eyes, or even looking with me at the world.

Q-If you tune into your heart and ask, what is your Big Heart Idea’s gift to the world, what does it say?

Well creativity springs to mind, but there are so many gifts I hope people will receive. I really hope people will remember that the world is as we see it. It can be beautiful or dreadful. Some of that is down to how we view it. I try to see everything as beautiful, and if my photographs can convey some of that beauty I am serving a purpose. A friend recently called me a ‘Mystic with a camera.’ I like that, because it conveys a spirituality that lies behind what I do.

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