Access the inner wisdom of the heart for greater clarity, healing, and new creative inspiration around anything that feels stuck. A Heart Listening session is an opportunity to quantum leap beyond what you’ve known, and create new possibilities in your life.

Sessions for Individuals

A Heart Listening Skype session focuses on helping you create your best life. Whether you want to resolve a challenge or activate new potential,  this is a dynamic way of moving forward using the intelligence of the heart. 1hr

Relationship Sessions for Couples

A powerful way of getting to the essence of what is going on without taking adversarial positions. Heart Listening works for the good of all, to reveal the truth of what’s needed, whether it’s about clearing the past, or revealing the best way to move forwards. 1.5hr

Heart Listening for Business

New business is heart centred business. It’s about loving what you do, getting along with the people you work with, and making a valuable contribution to the world. This means resolving problems in a way that takes everyone into account, and creating new products that serve greater good.  Get in touch and let me know what’s going with your business, or book a Free Discovery Session, and let’s see how Heart Listening can support you to become the most dynamic and successful heart based business you can be.  1hr for one person, 2hrs for 2 or more.

Heart Listening Creative Visioning Sessions

Heart Listening is next level brainstorming. It’s the fast track way to access a wealth of visionary ideas that serve you, your business and the world. Whether you want to write a book, build a company, manifest a relationship, or start a new life, access the heart’s inner wisdom, and create in alignment  with Life itself. 1hr for one person, 2hrs for 2 or more.

Please pay for your session and I will get in touch to arrange a time.

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