Heart Knows the way

This little lyric came through in this morning’s meditation. It’s really about how we are transitioning from beings who used the mind as the centre of our perceptual mechanism and start getting used to a new way of connecting to life, navigating with the heart, and engaging from this place. Like learning to drive a much more efficient vehicle. We all have our L plates on. The road is open, the vehicle is souped up. Let’s go!!!

Heart Knows the Way

When mind says I’m broken
Heart says we’re whole

When mind says I’m lonely
Heart says we’re home

When mind keeps you running
Heart says be still

When mind keeps imposing
Heart surrenders it’s will

When mind says who am I?
Heart knows it’s ground

When mind says I am lost
Heart says I am found

When mind hits its limit
Heart knows a way

When mind takes a back seat
Heart drives the whole day

Domnique Mallee Meeroff
April 12, 2014