How did your Big Heart Idea come about?

I have been teaching a variety of spiritual modalities over the last decade, but when I spent the winter I Goa this year I found that no one responded to the usual stuff I do.

Some time ago I understood that the future of teaching was no longer going to be filling people’s heads with information, it was gong to be helping the them to access their hearts inner knowledge and wisdom.

So out of necessity I decided to try it out, and started running Heart Listening Circles where I asked people to tune in to their hearts, the heart of humanity, the heart of the planet, and the heart of Life itself for messages.

What came through was absolutely stunning. Within an hour people had gone so deeply and accessed profound insights about the state of the planet and it’s evolutionary process, as well as around their own journey.

The intimacy between the people in the room was profound. Some even went on to create businesses together and invited me to lead a Heart Circle to create the business from the hearts perspective. That was very deep an very special.

Then people wanted one on one sessions, and as I did those, a more refined kind of methodology revealed itself.

So that’s kind of how it started.

Then one night I woke up in the middle of the night and was told I would teach people to listen to their hearts in this special way, so that they could use the method to support themselves and to work with others and run groups.

I also saw myself doing planetary work, in groups, focusing on current planetary challenges and accessing heart wisdom around the deeper meaning of the challenge, and accessing the hearts solutions for transforming the situation.

After that there were so many synchronicities, meeting wonderful people who really helped me to make it all happen.

If you tune in to your heart, what is the gift of Heart Listening, to the world?

When I tune in the word I got was freedom. I guess when you tune in to the heart, first of all, it’s perspective on your life is that everything is perfect. So that is very liberating, to free yourself up from the mind that tells you something is wrong.

Then I’d say that this inner technology that I am teaching is liberating on a personal level in that it frees you up by transforming old blocks, offering new heart insights and awareness, and heart centred creativity. And really when you live and create from the heart, it is very free, open, alive, inspiring.

Check out Heart Listening at

As many of you know, I spent the winter developing a new inner technology called Heart Listening. The ethos of Heart Listening is:

When you listen to your heart, your change the world.

On the new Heart Listening website which will be ready around May 1st 2016, the blog is going to be called Big Heart ideas.

Because so much of what’s not working in the world today are things we’ve created from the mind, Big Heart Ideas is a place to remind ourselves of all the people who are listening to hearts and creating something wonderful in the world.

If you or anyone you know is living their Big Heart Idea get in touch!