Dominique Mallee Meeroff is an international teacher, practitioner, visionary systems builder and the creator of Heart Listening, a powerful inner technology to enlighten and awaken Humanity.

Born in Montreal Canada, she lived through a turbulent childhood and left home early to become a rock star. It didn’t happen. Instead she found herself living illegally in NYC, saddled with a serious drug addiction.

After many failed attempts to get off drugs, she escaped to London to rebuild her life, successfully overcoming her addiction on her own and finally moving forwards.

This led her to start working on herself: counselling, body psychotherapy, meditation, healing, movement, Ayurveda, yoga and dance.

Finally it became clear that all this life experience and healing were the foundation for her deeper purpose in life.

She trained in Reflexology, then taught Metamorphic Technique all around the world for over 10 years.

She then started bringing through new and more dynamic transformational systems. Sacred Life Alchemy, created with Ella Owen, was a deep exploration of the energetic root of our challenges, including body issues and ageing.

After that project completed, Dominique began teaching how work with consciousness to manifest a new reality.

While in India she was guided to explore the inner riches of the heart. Heart Listening was born. It immediately resonated with her clients and she was asked to run groups and help create new businesses, from the heart.

Dominique is an inspirational speaker, teacher and practitioner. She holds a vision for the highest possible outcome for you, your life, your business and your gift to the world.